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Krampus Is Home [BETTER] Free Download

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Krampus is Home Free Download


  • Video Games CarnEvil: Krampus acts as the boss of the Rickety Town stage, although here he's more a demonic green Santa Claus combined with Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

  • The Binding of Isaac: The Krampus was added as a boss fight in the Christmas update. He will randomly appear in the Devil's room with the chances of him increasing the more you visit the room and even more if you actually take items. Defeating him unlocks the unique Lump of Coal item. (Rebirth also adds the Head of Krampus pick-up as a possible drop.)

  • Don't Starve has the Krampus appear and steal the player's things if the player is naughty (defined here as "killing too many non-aggressive animals" like rabbits and beefalo). A skilled player, however, can repel or even kill the Krampus, which will allow him to keep his bag. There is a Halloween skin that allows you to dress as the Krampus.

  • A Krampus Christmas is a RPG Maker-based game created for RMN's Game Chill 2013. The plot has three kids breaking into a school to steal the hat off a Frosty statue. They become trapped by Krampus and must find a way out of the school. It's free to download here.

  • Medieval II: Total War has a mod that includes Krampus among Santa's units.

  • Puppet Nightmares: There are two limited-edition Krampus monsters.

  • Smite: One of Cernunnos' skins, named Krampus, gives him white fur, ram horns in place of antlers, and a basket slung across his back.

  • Wizard101 has a spell/item card based on Krampus. There's a Krampus dungeon for the 2016 and 2017 holiday events where get to fight Krampus and get Krampus-themed items.

  • Slay Ride has you play as Santa and battle the Krampus, who is the final boss. This game is no longer available on iTunes, but you can still see the iTunes info page. The developers will also give people a copy of the game if asked though.

  • Knights And Dragons has a seasonal Epic Boss based on Krampus, who is part of the Winter Kings event. It is a Water/Fire elemental that drops Evil Fur when defeated that can be used to create Krampus' Mantle. There is also armor called Krampus Nemesis.

  • The Secret World: The 2013 Christmastime event allowed players to face off against Krampus demons wandering the various combat zones throughout the world. Should the player succeed in killing one of them while they attempt to escape through a portal, they are given a route into the Krampus' home dimension of Niflheim. Yes, that Niflheim. There, the player can battle an entire army of Krampus, along with a much larger boss Krampus, before finally duelling the mother of all Krampus, Hel herself.

  • Krampus has you playing as a cutesy little Krampus. You stomp reindeer and presents, and steal toys from children as fast as you can to unlock the gate.

  • Krampage is an iOS game where you lead Krampus out of Hell to punish naughty children. It's part platformer, part Fruit Ninja rip-off.

  • AdventureQuest Worlds: A rare type of armor is called Krampus. It requires being rank 5 Loremaster. Going by the item description, it may be meant as druid armor used to channel nature-based magic.

  • EpicDuel has a race called Krampus in it, and has three Krampus NPC in it. There are two Krampus Warriors (one level five and level eleven), who will give you missions and you can also challenge to fights. Then there's the Krampus Technician, who is level twenty, believes magic simply be advanced technology, and will challenge you to a duel. They are all from Frysteland, which has been taken over by a tyrant named Alydriah

  • Erics Xmas has Krampus invade Santa's workshop with his own army of evil elves, and it's up to Eric the Elf to save the captured Santa.

  • Terraria: Krampus is an enemy during the Frost Moon event.

  • An indie game simply titled Krampus is about a teen who is spending Christmas with his family at a country house when he gets a visit from Krampus.

  • Krampus in Wreck the Halls is a mobile game that has you playing as Krampus as you storm the North Pole, where Santa has hidden many naughty children to try and deprive Krampus of his power.

  • Appears in the indie defense tower game Santa's Salvation.

  • In the mobile game Merry Krampus you play as Krampus and try to capture as many children as possible.

  • In December of 2014, Game of War: Fire Age had a few seasonal enemies. Krampus was one of them. There were also Krampus items like Krampus Beard and Krampus Bells.

  • The app game Christmas Crisis has Krampus taking over Santa's workshop with his yeti minions and you try to take him out with a snowball gun.

  • In Bad Christmas Mrs. Claus has to save Santa, who has been kidnapped by the Krampus.

  • In Monster Legends, Krampus is a monster that you can raise from an egg.

  • There is a custom Minecraft map called Krampus all about, you guessed it, being terrorized by the Krampus.

  • An unlockable level for Secret Santa has you playing as Krampus, stealing kids and punching obstacles in your way.

  • Daze Before Christmas is a platformer starring Santa. A special power-up has him transform into "Anti-Claus" and he bears a bit of a resemblance to the Krampus.

  • In the Christmas Episode of The Darkside Detective, the villain is the Krampus, depicted as a demonic green anti-Claus who hates children and can be defeated with cookies and milk.

  • Killing Floor 2 added a Krampus-themed map for the Twisted Christmas 2017 update. It is described as "a twisted and dark lumberyard, workshop, and prison all in one." Krampus himself appears as a reskin of the Abomination boss during Christmas events. He's essentially a giant Bloat, and thus a Gasshole of the highest order.

  • In the survival horror game Krampus Is Home you play as Sebastian, who is home alone and must contend with the Krampus lurking about.

  • Krampus Quest is a retro platformer where you play as Krampus, released after having been imprisoned for over a century by Santa, as you make your way to Santa to get your revenge.

  • In Yuletide Legends 3: Who Framed Santa Claus? Krampus has Santa arrested for stealing presents after capturing his voice in a magic globe so he can't defend himself.

  • Fortnite has two DLC versions of the Krampus in both Save the World and Battle Royale. In STW he's a jolly-looking fellow using the Constructor moveset and sounds suspiciously like Heavy Weapons Guy. In BR he's Lean and Mean with his hood up, darker fur, a too-long tongue, glowing eyes, basically more demonic than he really should be.

  • Krampus is part of the League of Christmas Evil responsible for kidnapping Santa Claus in Cthulu Saves Christmas.

  • In Santa's Christmas Solitaire 2 Krampus and his army of forgotten teddy bears steal Santa's toy sack.

  • In Dead by Daylight, one of the Trapper's Ultra Rare alternate skins is the Krampus, released as part of the Holiday Horror collection.


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