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Buzz The Big Quiz

Your starter for 10: what was the UK's videogame Christmas number one in 2005? Sony's plan was for it to be Buzz! The Music Quiz, presumably thinking that Need for Speed couldn't possibly make it three in a row. But despite its crowd-pleasing buzzer controllers, calculatingly bland presentation and high-energy turn from housewives' favourite Jason Donovan, Buzz only just squeezed into the top 20. So was the whole Buzz venture ill-advised?

Buzz The Big Quiz


And since Relentless always had total confidence in the appeal of its idea, it's no surprise the general knowledge version - to be sold both with and without the buzzers - appeared so soon. But it's also no surprise, since there hasn't been much time between the two games, that The Big Quiz suffers from some of the same frustrations as its predecessor.

22nd June 2006 Location: Sheffield Kuju Entertainment (AIM: KUJ) today announced that it is developing Buzz! The Sports Quiz for PlayStation 2. The game will follow the hugely popular Buzz! The Music Quiz and Buzz! The Big Quiz, and will be published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Buzz! The Sports Quiz will feature a wide selection of brand new rounds as well as the most popular rounds from the previous games. With questions suitable for both hardcore sports fans and a more mainstream audience, crazy outsized props (like a giant treadmill for the contestants to run on while answering) and lots of fun new ways to answer questions, the game will have something for everyone. Wise-cracking host Buzz and his glamorous assistant Rose both return, and the game supports Sony's unique Buzz! buzzers for that game show feel. If you've already picked up a set from one of the previous games, you'll be able to plug both sets in and enjoy massive eight player games. The title will also support team games with up to four players on a side. Ends For Further Information Contact Joel Benton 01483 414344 / 07973 718094About Kuju Entertainment Kuju Entertainment, one of Europe's leading independent game developers on console and PC platforms, operates five studios in the UK and has been creating top-rated games for over sixteen years. Kuju maintains specialist console/PC divisions in the action, strategy/tactical, lifestyle, simulation and flight action genres as well as a separate division for conversion projects. Kuju Entertainment is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kuju plc. Kuju plc is listed on London's AIM market (LSE AIM: KUJ)

They are quiz games that see the players answering trivia questions while competing in the fictional game show, Buzz!. Created specifically with multi-player party gaming in mind, the series launched in October 2005 and to date comprises 18 games; including 13 in the Buzz! series and five Buzz! Junior titles.

Sony immediately hit a winner when they released Buzz: The Music Quiz. Combining great presentation, pick up and play characteristics and those trademark big red buzzers - sure to lure in any non-gamer to take part - the party genre had a new winner. The second iteration came in the form of The Big Quiz - more of the same, only this time general knowledge. Why this one didn't come out first is a bit of a mystery, really. Now it's time for another addition: Buzz! The Sports Quiz.

Once a round has been explained to players - and it should be pointed out that it now takes a unanimous decision before round explanations are skipped, which was something of an annoyance in previous versions when one player could cause things to skip ahead. Where was I? Ah yes, once the round has been explained, things begin and the fun really starts. Shouting, off-putting, laughter - all common sights and sounds when playing. Well, with my friends at least. Cheating gimps. The questions on offer range from the shockingly simple to the really-quite-hard-indeed, though nothing ever feels impossible. Unless I'm being quizzed on cricket. Most major world sports are covered though there is clearly a bias towards football ('soccer', my American chums) and anyone looking for a section on the world cup of Kabaddi is sure to be disappointed. Other than these foibles there is a fair spread.

Buzz!: The BIG Quiz is a general knowledge quiz game that uses four bespoke USB buzzers (sold separately), introduced in Buzz!: The Music Quiz, instead of the usual PlayStation 2 dual shock controllers. This means that four players can play right away.The game itself is set in the format of a TV gameshow with the contestants behind podiums. The questions appear on a jumbotron, introduced by the show's host: Buzz. The main game is split over eight rounds starting with simple game mechanics but getting gradually more complex and causing more competitiveness. The question types are general knowledge and cover a large amount of subjects using pictures, videos, music clips etc.As well as the regular game, you can play an eight player game if you have a second set of buzzers. There's also team play and a quizmaster mode.

Those that have played any of the Buzz! titles knows that they are presented in a television game show style. You and your friends (or virtual competitors) are the contestants on this television show, and you use the special buzzers to chime in when you know the correct answer. The sometimes-funny, big-mouthed Buzz is your host and quiz master, and the Vanna White-ish (and easily insulted) Rose is his assistant.

"We are a buzz first team," Anderson said. "My big thing is we can't win unless we're the first to buzz in. And so, we will take our shots where some teams will wait back, and they want to be sure they're right. Our philosophy has always been, through all these competitions, we will buzz."

Natalie Herro, top center, asks questions as quiz bowl team members Trenten Malterer, William Day, Kevin Herro, Noah Deml, Adrien Roys, Declan Cobb and Elijah Winchel, upper left to right, practice for the quiz bowl Tuesday, April 19, 2022. Photo courtesy of Anthony Wahl, The Janesville Gazette 041b061a72

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