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How to Watch Game Paisa Ladki Full Movie Online in Hindi for Free

Game Paisa Ladki 1 Full Movie in Hindi Free Download Mp4: A Thrilling Erotic Drama

If you are looking for a Bollywood movie that combines suspense, romance, and eroticism, you might want to check out Game Paisa Ladki 1. This movie was released in 2018 and stars Zakir Hussain, Sezal Sharma, Deepans Garge, and Ranjeet Bedi. It is a story of a young innocent girl who becomes a mistress of an underworld don and gets involved in a dangerous game of money and love. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Game Paisa Ladki 1 full movie in hindi free download mp4.

Game Paisa Ladki 1 full movie in hindi free download mp4

What is Game Paisa Ladki 1 About?

Game Paisa Ladki 1 is a Bollywood thriller erotic film produced by Atul Patel and directed by Sachin Agarwal. The movie was shot in Surat and has a runtime of 107 minutes. The plot of the movie is as follows:

Nazuk (played by Sezal Sharma) is a young innocent girl who has seen a lot of struggle in her life. She has lost her love and her family and has no one to support her. Her struggle brings her to a situation where she becomes a keep of an underworld don Pathan (played by Zakir Hussain). Pathan works for his mentor Waghela (played by Ranjeet Bedi), who is a powerful crime lord. Waghela's son Sandy (played by Naveen Prabhakar) has some interest towards Nazuk and tries to woo her.

Meanwhile, Nazuk's previous love interest Raj (played by Deepans Garge) comes back into her life. He is a smart and cunning guy who has a plan to snatch all the money from Pathan and Waghela. He convinces Nazuk to join him in his scheme and they succeed in stealing a huge amount of cash from the gangsters.

But Nazuk has some other plans in her mind. She has a secret motive behind her actions and she does not trust anyone. She decides to fulfil her dreams according to her own plans alone. What is Nazuk's real intention? Will she escape from the clutches of Pathan and Waghela? Will Raj find out her truth? Will Sandy get his revenge? The movie answers these questions with a lot of twists and turns.

Who are the Cast and Crew of Game Paisa Ladki 1?

Game Paisa Ladki 1 features some talented actors who have played their roles with conviction and intensity. Here are some of the main cast members of the movie:



Zakir Hussain


Sezal Sharma


Deepans Garge


Ranjeet Bedi


Naveen Prabhakar


Ashraful Haque


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