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Arthdal Chronicles 2. Sezon 1. Bölüm: Eunseom'un Kabilesini Kurtarma Planı

Arthdal Chronicles Season 2: Everything You Need to Know

If you are a fan of epic fantasy dramas with rich world-building, complex characters, and thrilling action, then you might have heard of Arthdal Chronicles, a Korean historical fantasy drama series that aired on Netflix and tvN in 2019. The series was praised for its ambition, scope, and production value, as well as its stellar cast led by Jang Dong-gun, Song Joong-ki, Kim Ji-won, and Kim Ok-vin. The series also left many viewers wanting more after its cliffhanger ending that teased a major war between two rival kingdoms.

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Thankfully, the wait is almost over, as Arthdal Chronicles season 2 is set to be released in early 2023, along with a webtoon and an MMORPG, according to an official announcement in February 2022. But before you dive into the new season, you might want to refresh your memory on what happened in season 1 and what to expect from season 2. Here is everything you need to know about Arthdal Chronicles season 2.

What is Arthdal Chronicles and what is it about?

Arthdal Chronicles is a series that depicts the birth of civilization and nations in ancient times. It is a story of mythical heroes--their struggle, unity, and love of people living in a virtual land called Arth. The series is divided into three parts: The Children of Prophecy, The Sky Turning Inside Out, Rising Land, and The Prelude to All Legends.

The series follows four main characters: Eun-seom (Song Joong-ki), an Igutu (half human, half Neanthal) who was prophesied to bring disaster to Arth; Tan-ya (Kim Ji-won), the successor of the Wahan tribe who was also prophesied to become the first Great Mother of Arth; Ta-gon (Jang Dong-gun), a war hero and leader of the Arthdal Union who dreams of becoming the first king of Arth; and Tae Al-ha (Kim Ok-vin), a brilliant politician and lover of Ta-gon who desires power more than anything.

In season 1, we saw how these characters crossed paths, formed alliances or rivalries, faced challenges or betrayals, and discovered their true identities or destinies. We also witnessed how Arthdal was shaken by political turmoil, social unrest, cultural clashes, supernatural forces, and ancient secrets.

Season 2 Cast and Characters

One of the biggest changes in season 2 of Arthdal Chronicles is the casting of the main characters. Due to the 10-year time jump between the two seasons, the roles of Eun-seom and Tan-ya have been recast with new actors. Lee Joon-gi (Again My Life) and Shin Se-kyung (Run On) will take over from Song Joong-ki and Kim Ji-won respectively as the new leads of the series. Lee Joon-gi will play Eun-seom, the Igutu who escaped from Arthdal and joined the Ago tribe, while Shin Se-kyung will play Tan-ya, the Wahan successor who became the High Priestess of Arthdal.

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However, fans of the original cast need not worry, as Jang Dong-gun and Kim Ok-vin will reprise their roles as Ta-gon and Tae Al-ha, the power couple who rule over Arthdal. Ta-gon is the ambitious leader who declared himself the king of Arthdal, while Tae Al-ha is his political advisor and lover who gave birth to his son. Shin Joo-hwan will also return as Dal-sae, Eun-seom's loyal friend and comrade.

In addition to the main cast, season 2 will also introduce some new faces to the series. According to AsianWiki, some of the new additions are:


Kim Min-jaeNun-byeolA member of the Ago tribe who has a crush on Eun-seom

Kim Sung-cheolIpsaengA former slave trader who becomes Eun-seom's ally

Park Hae-joonMoo-baekA general of Arthdal who is loyal to Ta-gon

Choi Young-joonYang-chaA silent warrior who serves Ta-gon

Park Byung-eunDan-byeokTae Al-ha's older brother and Ta-gon's rival

Yoon Sa-bongCho-seolAn elder of the Hwinsan tribe who supports Tan-ya

Jung Suk-yongKi-doA merchant who helps Tan-ya's cause

Jo Sung-haHae-mi-holA leader of the Neanthal survivors who meets Eun-seom

Choo Ja-hyunAsa Ron's wifeThe wife of the former High Priest of Arthdal who was killed by Ta-gon

Kim Eui-sungSaenaraeThe father of Tae Al-ha and Dan-byeok who is a master of engineering

Lee Do-kyungAh-san-nan-dal-sae-kun-nan-dal-sae-kun-nan-dal-sae-kun-nan-dal-sae-kun-nan-dal-sae-kun-nan-dal-sae-kun-nan-dal-sae-kun-nan-dal-sae-kun-nan-dal-sae-kun-nan-dal-sae-kun-nan-dal-sae-kun-nan-dal-sae-kun-nan-dal-sae-kun-nan-dal-sae-kun-nan-dal-sae-kun-nan-dal-sae-kun-nan-dal-sae-kun-nan-dal-sae-kun-nan-dal-sae-kun-nan-dal-sae-kun-nan-dal-sae-kun-nan-dal-sae-kun-nan-dal-sae-kun-nan-dal-sae-kun-nan-dal-sae-kun-nan-dal-sae-kun-nan-dal-sae-kun-nan-dal-sae-kun-

The father of Ta-gon and a former king of Arthdal who was dethroned by his son.

Season 2 Plot and Story Season 2 Plot and Storyline

Season 2 of Arthdal Chronicles will continue the saga of the four main characters and their respective kingdoms as they face new challenges and threats in their quest for power, survival, or freedom. According to the official synopsis, the main conflict and theme of season 2 is the war between Arthdal and Ago, the two rival civilizations that represent different values and cultures.

Eun-seom, who escaped from Arthdal with the help of Dal-sae and Ipsaeng, will lead the Ago tribe in their fight against Arthdal's oppression and invasion. He will also discover his true identity as the son of Ragaz, the last Neanthal king, and Asa Hon, the direct descendant of Asa Sin, the first Great Mother of Arth. He will also meet Hae-mi-hol, a leader of the Neanthal survivors who will guide him in his destiny.

Tan-ya, who was captured by Arthdal and became the High Priestess under Ta-gon's rule, will secretly plot to overthrow him and restore the balance of Arth. She will also learn more about her heritage as the successor of the Wahan tribe and the direct descendant of Eun-seom's twin brother, who was sacrificed by Asa Ron. She will also face danger from Dan-byeok, who covets her power and position.

Ta-gon, who declared himself the king of Arthdal after killing his father and Asa Ron, will face opposition from various factions within his kingdom, such as the Hwinsan tribe, the Daekan forces, and his own family. He will also face external threats from Ago, who will challenge his authority and legitimacy. He will also struggle with his love for Tae Al-ha, who will give birth to his son, who might be an Igutu like Eun-seom.

Tae Al-ha, who is Ta-gon's lover and political advisor, will support him in his quest to unify Arth under his rule. She will also use her intelligence and influence to manipulate or eliminate anyone who stands in their way. She will also have to deal with her brother Dan-byeok, who is jealous of her status and power. She will also

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